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All I Wanted For Christmas I Got!… An iPad 2!

ipad 2 tabletYep, I was holding out on getting a tablet, and I decided on the iPad after considering all my options. I waited to get the iPhone until the iPhone 3G came out, and while I yearned to get the iPad right away, I wanted to wait and see if Android tablets compared in user interface, touch and functionality as my iPhone 4S I absolutely love.

I currently have most of the electronic toys I want already, but the big void was a tablet device, so after being asked over and over by Jaime and my mother what tech gifts I wanted, I mentioned the only thing I want right now is an iPad 2 tablet. But that’s a pretty steep cost for a Christmas gift, so I really didn’t expect to actually get it.

Then, before the holidays while shopping for gifts, we stopped into Best Buy and I headed over to the tablets on display. I tried some of the Android tablets, but in my opinion, the iPad touch interface was so much more fluid and besides, it was a larger version of the iPhone 4S I can’t live without.

I really like the size and screen size of a tablet. It’s the perfect middle ground between a large PC display and a smartphone display. I am glad that websites load in their full version, rather than a scaled-down mobile version.

I have actually been doing some reading (which I don’t normally have time for usually), web surfing, keeping more caught up on reading news, and I even maintain some customers’ websites using the iPad. All my iPhone apps are loaded onto the iPad, and I ended up getting the HD version of Angry Birds, because the original version had to be expanded to fit the screen, which made the image a little pixelated appearing.

What? An Android “Ice Cream Sandwich” tablet for $169 in March?

Right as this issue was going to press, Viewsonic shocked the gadget world with the announcement of a new model they’ll be making, called the ViewPad E70. This is an Android tablet sporting the latest Android 4 “Ice Cream Sandwich” operatng system, and a 7” touchscreen display, selling for a mere $169.

Other details about the ViewPad E70 is it comes with a 1GHz CPU, 4GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi, microSD slot for additional storage, micro-HDMI port and front-facing camera (specs of which are currently unknown). Some models will also be coming out with 3G connectivity for broadband internet on the go. Instead of connecting to the Android Market apps marketplace, the ViewPad E70 will ship with the Amazon Appstore.

This is really great news for the tablet industry, now having a full-fledged mainstream tablet less than 1/2 the cost of those on the market today, coming out in a few months! I have used the Nook Color and Kindle Fire e-readers, and they just don’t have that tablet feel you get with the real tablets on the market.

I will be reporting on new tricks and apps I end up with for the iPad 2, as well as express the ways I am using it for personal life and work. Tablets are here to stay and I’ll do my part on informing the Rochester public on the benefits of making the jump and purchasing a tablet.

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