NOTICE: Computer Link Magazine is currently online-online, so print editions are not being circulated at this time. We will be publishing a few select editions throughout the year we will circulate in print form in the near future.

The following is our current list of distribution locations that we deliver the print edition of Computer Link Magazine to through Rochester, NY each month. Our list is organized by geographic area, although some portions reflect our delivery route. Please contact us if you have a correction or would like to make an addition to where we deliver Computer Link Magazine.

Location Name Street Address Town/City
Gates Lanes 645 Spencerport Rd. Gates
Pineapple Jacks Restaurant 485 Spencerport Rd. Gates
Cordello’s Pizza & Restaurant 2440 Lyell Rd. Gates
Lilac Laundry 2415 Lyell Rd. Gates
Wegmans Supermarket 2301 Lyell Ave. Gates
Stevie T Hots – Nick Tahoes 2260 Lyell Ave. Gates
Martusciello’s Bread 2280 Lyell Ave. Gates
Chef King 2370 Lyell Ave. Gates
Olympia Restaurant 2380 Lyell Ave. Gates
Giuseppe’s 40 Spencerport Rd. Gates
Westgate Family Restaurant 1577 Howard Rd. Gates
China Wok 2054 Chili Ave. Gates
Gates Public Library 1605 Buffalo Rd. Gates
The UPS Store 2117 Buffalo Rd. Gates
Jitters Café 1910 Elmgrove Rd Gates
Palermo’s Sub Shop 1910 Elmgrove Rd Gates
Quiznos 3095 Buffalo Rd. Gates
Center for Workforce Development 3545 Buffalo Rd. Gates
Jitter’s Café 4357 Buffalo Rd. Chili
Food Towne (old IGA) 4390 Buffalo Rd. Chili
Mark’s Pizza 4390 Buffalo Rd. Chili
Rite Aid 4374 Buffalo Rd. Chili
North Chili Family Restaurant 4405 Buffalo Rd. Chili
Cordello’s Pizza & Restaurant 3774 Chili Ave. Chili
Chili Public Library 3333 Chili Ave. Chili
Golden Garden Chinese Rest. 3313 Chili Ave. Chili
Good Guys Pizza 3313 Chili Ave. Chili
Mt. Hope Laundromat 3313 Chili Ave. Chili
Leaf & Bean Coffee 3240 Chili Ave. Chili
Bill Grays 3240 Chili Ave. Chili
Wegmans Supermarket 3175 Chili Ave. (at Paul Rd.) Chili
Yellow Goose Mini Mart 3512 Brockport Spencerport Rd. Brockport
Hess Express Brockport Spencerport Rd. Brockport
Cordello’s Pizza & Restaurant 6508 Brockport Spencerport Rd. Brockport
Rite Aid 6515 Brockport Spencerport Rd. Brockport
Ho-Ho Grand Buffet Chinese 6515 Brockport Spencerport Rd. Brockport
Two Bros. Restaurant 6515 Brockport Spencerport Rd. Brockport
Subway 6265 Brockport Spencerport Rd. Brockport
Wegmans Supermarket 6660 Fourth Sec. Rd – Rt. 31 Brockport
K&K Foot Mart 4614 Lake Rd. S. Brockport
Computers Etc. 203 Main St. Brockport
Northside A-Plus On The Run Main St. Brockport
Ryan’s Big M Supermarket 73 N. Main St. Brockport
Brockport Computers Main St. Brockport
Java Junction 56 Main St. Brockport
Brockport Diner 11 Erie St. (at Main St.) Brockport
SUNY Brockport – Union Center Lot L Brockport
SUNY Brockport – Daily Hall Lot E Brockport
Spencerport Bowl Rt. 31 Spencerport
Lighthouse Diner Rt. 31 & 259 Spencerport
Cordello’s Pizza & Restaurant Slayton Pl. Spencerport
Spencerport Liquor 33 Slayton Ave Spencerport
Slayton Place Restaurant 54 Slayton Ave Spencerport
Pineview Family Restaurant 2139 Union St. Spencerport
K&K Foot Mart Hilton Parma TL Road Hilton
Carbones Pizza 144 South Ave. Hilton
Hilton Family Restaurant 52 Hovey St. Hilton
Ben Franklin 37 Hovey St. Hilton
Wilson Farms 15 Lake Ave. Hilton
Parma Public Library 7 West Ave. Hilton
Olympia Restaurant 1100 Flynn Road Greece
Wilson Farms 3366 Latta Road Greece
Wegmans Supermarket 3701 Mt. Read Blvd. Greece
Marks Pizzeria 3670 Mt. Read Blvd. Greece
Athena Restaurant 3579 Mt. Read Blvd. Greece
Greece Hots 745 Maiden Lane Greece
A-Plus Maiden/Mt Read Greece
Stone Road Deli 1070 Stone Road Greece
Triano’s Market Deli 620 Stone Road Greece
Katronic Computers 2858 Dewey Ave. Greece
Peppermill Restaurant 1776 Dewey ave. Rochester
Kodak Park Newspaper Boxes Ridge Road West Rochester
Kwik Fill Stonewood Road Greece
7 Eleven Lake Ave./Stone Greece
Port of Rochester 1000 North River St. Charlotte
Char Pit 4753 Lake Ave. Charlotte
Wegmans Supermarket 3660 Dewey Ave. Greece
The UPS Store 3800 Dewey Ave. Greece
A-Plus Mini Mart Dewey Ave. Greece
Dewey-Latta Laundry Dewey Ave. Greece
Espresso Garden Café 4409 Dewey Ave. Greece
Ezzies Restaurant 1260 Latta Rd. Greece
A-Plus Mini Mart Latta Road Greece
Parkway Family Restaurant 697 Ling Road Greece
Shaller’s Restaurant 965 Edgemere Dr. Greece
Long Pond Family Restaurant 496 Long Pond Rd. Greece
Greece Public Library 2 Vince Tofany Blvd. Greece
Wegmans Supermarket 3177 Latta Rd. (at Long Pond) Greece
English Market Deli 1799 English Rd. (at Long Pond) Greece
Country Village Family Restaurant 1100 Long Pond Road Greece
Oriens Café 1100 Long Pond Road Greece
Country Village (Rear Entrance) Long Pond Road Greece
Island Tan 2842 Ridge Road West Greece
Wegmans Supermarket 2833 Ridge Road West Greece
Chinese Buffet 3160 Ridge Road West Greece
South Beach Salon 3160 Ridge Road West Greece
Bally Total Fitness 3160 Ridge Road West Greece
LaserQuest 2833 Ridge Road West Greece
Metro Cartridge 2833 Ridge Road West Greece
Ridgemont Liquor 2833 Ridge Road West Greece
TC Hooligans 134 Greece Ridge Center Greece
RAC For Women Stoneridge Plaza Greece
SOHO Bagel Café Ridge Road West Greece
Unity Hospital Main Entrance Rack Long Pond Rd. Greece
Unity Hospital Emergency Long Pond Road Greece
Romeo’s Restaurant 2500 Ridgeway Ave. Greece
Greece China Restaurant 2530 Ridgeway Ave. Greece
Sips Coffee Shop 149 Stutson St. Charlotte
Herema’s Supermarket 149 Stutson St. Charlotte
Jordina’s Pizza 149 Stutson St. Charlotte
Cooper Rd. Library 45 Cooper Rd. Irondequoit
The Bagel Shop 563 Hudson Ave. Irondequoit
Pontillos Pizza 702 E. Ridge Rd. Irondequoit
Advance Auto Parts E. Ridge Road Irondequoit
House of Bacchus Liquor E. Ridge Road Irondequoit
Rochester General Hospital – ER Portland Ave. Irondequoit
Rochester General Hospital – Elevator Entr. Portland Ave. Irondequoit
Ridge Donuts 1600 Portland Ave. Irondequoit
Rubinos Subs E. Ridge Road Irondequoit
Red Apple Food Mart 1541 E. Ridge Road Irondequoit
Lilac Laundry 2002 E. Ridge Road Irondequoit
A-Plus Mini Mart E. Ridge Road Irondequoit
Irondequoit Public Library 2180 E. Ridge Road Irondequoit
Royal Dynasty Baytowne Plaza Webster
Wegmans Supermarket 1955 Empire Blvd. (at Bay) Webster
Beale Street Café 1930 Empire Blvd. Webster
Advance Auto Parts 2186 Empire Blvd. Webster
Asian Buffet Empire Blvd. Webster
Empire Hots 2209 Empire Blvd. Webster
Empire Lanes 2400 Empire Blvd. Webster
Lifetime Fitness Ridge Road Webster
Pontillos Pizza 807 Ridge Road Webster
Atlantic Family Restaurant (rack) 888 Ridge Road Webster
Atlantic Family Restaurant (outside box) 888 Ridge Road Webster
Hegedorns Supermarket 964 Ridge Road Webster
Webster Public Library 980 Ridge Road Webster
Panera Bread Co. 935 Holt Rd. Webster
Superior Solutions (previously Mail Boxes Etc) 1170 Ridge Rd. Webster
Webster Chamber of Commerce 1110 Crosspointe Ln, Ste C Webster
Noco Mart W. Main St. Webster
Jeff’s Computer Repair E. Main St. Webster
Marks Pizzeria E. Main St. Webster
Rubinos Subs E. Main St. Webster
Wegmans Supermarket 2157 Penfield Road Penfield
CVS Pharmacy 2200 Penfield Road Penfield
Sports Clips 2200 Penfield Road Penfield
The Wireless Zone 2200 Penfield Road Penfield
Dragon House Chinese Restaurant 2200 Penfield Road Penfield
Penfield Public Library 1985 Baird Rd. Penfield
Starbucks 1806 Penfield Road Penfield
7 Eleven 1809 Penfield Road Penfield
Pontillos Pizza 1811 Penfield Road Penfield
Brueggers Bagels Panorama Plaza Penfield
Rite Aid Panorama Plaza Penfield
Joy Luck Chinese Restaurant Panorama Plaza Penfield
Panera Bread Co. Panorama Plaza Penfield
Penfield Raquet Club Penfield Road Penfield
Advance Auto Parts 1614 Penfield Road Penfield
China Chef Buffet 458 W. Commercial St. E. Rochester
White Wash Laundromat 450 W. Commercial St. E. Rochester
Salvatores Pizza 240 W. Commercial St. E. Rochester
East Rochester Public Library 111 W. Elm St. E. Rochester
Wegmans Supermarket 851 Fairport Rd. E. Rochester
7 Eleven Fairport Rd. Fairport
Fairport Village Coffee 6 N. Main St. Fairport
Durf’s Restaurant 154 N. Main St. Fairport
Fairport Village Market & Deli 154 N. Main St. Fairport
Riki’s Family Restaurant 25 Main St. Fairport
Dave’s Village Bakery Main St. Fairport
Fairport Public Library 1 Village Landing Fairport
Wegmans Supermarket 6600 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd Perinton
Sports Clips Perinton Square Mall Perinton
Starbucks/Charter One Perinton Square Mall Perinton
Rite Aid Perinton Square Mall Perinton
Perinton Square Mall East Entrance Perinton Square Mall Perinton
Pontillos Pizza 665 Pittsford-Victor Rd. Bushnell’s Basin
Madigan’s Discount Wine & Liquor 657 Pittsford-Victor Rd. Bushnell’s Basin
Chef King Chinese 655 Pittsford-Victor Rd. Bushnell’s Basin
Tom Wahl’s Restaurant 643 Pittsford-Victor Rd. Bushnell’s Basin
Rite Aid 635 Pittsford-Victor Rd. Bushnell’s Basin
Coal Tower Restaurant 9 Shoen Place Pittsford
Aladdin’s Natural Eatery 8 Shoen Place Pittsford
Pittsford Public Library 24 State St. Pittsford
Brueggers Bagels 24 State St. Pittsford
Pontillos Pizza 20 State St. Pittsford
Canaltown Coffee Roasters 6 S. Main St. Pittsford
Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters Pittsford Plaza Pittsford
Wegmans Supermarket 3195 Monroe Ave. Pittsford
Salvatores Pizza 2752 Monroe Ave. Pittsford
Clover Lanes 2750 Monroe Ave. Pittsford
Microworx Computers 20 Allens Creek Rd. Brighton
Charbroil Restaurant 2450 Monroe Ave. Brighton
Jewish Community Center 1200 Edgewood Ctr. Brighton
Bagel Bin Café 2600 Elmwood Ave. Brighton
Great Harvest Bread Co. 1890 Monroe Ave. Brighton
Pontillos Pizza 1822 Monroe Ave. Brighton
Rapid Refill Cartridge Center 1822 Monroe Ave. Brighton
Lilac Laundry 1800 Monroe Ave. Brighton
12 Corners Convenience 1738 Monroe Ave. Brighton
Whitehouse Liquor 1720 Monroe Ave. Brighton
Aladdin’s Natural Eatery 646 Monroe Ave. Rochester
Brueggers Bagels 548 Monroe Ave. Rochester
Mark’s Texas Hots 487 Monroe Ave. Rochester
7 Eleven 436 Monroe Ave. Rochester
Boulder Coffee Co. 100 Alexander St. Rochester
Great Harvest Bread Co. 210 Park Ave. Rochester
Spin Café 739 Park Ave. Rochester
Canaltown Coffee Roasters 1805 East Ave. Rochester
Wegmans Supermarket 1750 East Ave. Rochester
Gleason Works Building (side street box) 1000 University Ave. Rochester
Starry Nites Café 696 University Ave. Rochester
Spot Coffee – closed 200 East Ave. Rochester
Spot Coffee – closed 200 East Ave. Rochester
CLM Outdoor Box East Ave. & Chestnut Rochester
Frontier Corporate Offices 180 S. Clinton Ave. Rochester
Bausch & Lomb Public Library St. Paul St. Rochester
Dinosaur BBQ 99 Court St. Rochester
CLM Outdoor Box Broad St. & Exchange Rochester
Monroe County Courthouse 99 Exchange Blvd. Rochester
CLM Outdoor Box Court St. & Exchange Rochester
CLM Outdoor Box State St. & Main Rochester
WXXI Corporate Offices 280 State St. Rochester
Kodak Office Morrie Silver Way Rochester
RCR&R 395 Central Ave. Rochester
City Hall – across street 30 Church St. Rochester
CLM Outdoor Box Fitzhugh Street Rochester
Worldwide News St. Paul St. Rochester
City School District Box 131 W. Broad St. Rochester
Mt. Hope Diner 1511 Mt. Hope Blvd. Brighton
Mt. Hope Laundromat 1665 Mt. Hope Blvd. Brighton
Jitter’s Café Southtown Plaza Henrietta
Henrietta Hots W. Henrietta Rd. Henrietta
Metro Cartridge 1000 Hylan Drive Henrietta
Wegmans Supermarket 50 Hylan Dr. Henrietta
Henrietta Public Library 455 Calkins Rd. Henrietta
Bill Gray’s Restaurant Jefferson Rd. Henrietta
Full Beli Deli Jefferson Rd. Henrietta
The Lunch Box Jefferson Rd. Henrietta
Wegmans Supermarket 345 Eastern Blvd. Canandaigua

NOTE: In addition to always finding a copy of our magazine at select Wegmans supermarkets, we’ve highlighted those locations which we stock plentifully, and you can almost always count on finding a copy at these select establishments. We deliver to each location in our list throughout Rochester once per month (Wegmans stores get delivered to 2-3x per week). Sometimes we run out of magazines at certain delivery spots, which is out of our control. We apologize ahead of time if you ever encounter this.

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